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Oxygen Gas Plant

Oxygen Gas Plant

Product Details:

  • Supply Ability : 1 Unit Per Week
100000 INR/Unit

Price And Quantity

  • 100000 INR/Unit
  • 1 Unit

Trade Information

  • Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Cheque, Cash in Advance (CID), Cash Advance (CA)
  • 1 Unit Per Week
  • 1 Week
  • All India

Product Description

NKCS is among the leading enterprises, involved in offering excellent quality of Oxygen Gas Plant. It is fabricated with the use of high-grade materials. Nationwide customers hugely appreciate our Oxygen Gas Plant for reasonable price & impeccable engineering.

The Air Separation Unit attains optimum purity oxygen of over 99.5%. Obtained high quality gas can be easily stored in the cylinders in liquid form. These cylinders find application in the medical sector or can be mixed/ welded with other gases and used for diving purpose as breathing gas.

Our company is engaged in fabricating and exporting world class quality Industrial Oxygen Gas Plant. The plants are designed while keeping pace with the latest international technology, which enables us to ensure excellence at its user's end. Our customers can avail these at the most competitive market rate. The NKCS Oxygen Gas Plant is designed in varied capacities ranging from 40 m3/hr to 1000 m3/hr.

Process Description:

  • Atmospheric Air mainly comprises Oxygen and Nitrogen gases, along with water vapour in small quantities, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, etc. Oxygen & Nitrogen get separated from the air because of the difference in boiling points when distillation process is carried out with the help of a fractional column.
  • The multi stage compressor sucks atmospheric air through a filter, and then compressed to the design pressure. Afterward, this Compressed Air is passed through after-cooler, moisture separator, chilling unit, cascade cooler, and then it gets past Molecular Sieve Battery to remove Moisture, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbons from process air. This pure process air further passes through the 1st Heat Exchanger, so that it can be cooled down by the outgoing Oxygen & Nitrogen. Part of this cooled air goes through Expansion Engine, and remaining air travels through 2nd Heat Exchanger. Both Expansion Engine & 2nd Heat Exchanger further help in cooling of the Air that is finally transferred to the bottom of column with the use of an expansion valve. At this stage, Air converts into liquid state.
  • The Column includes two parts, upper column and lower column. There is a Condenser between lower and upper columns, which is acting as a reflux for the lower part & re-boiler for the upper part. Liquid air present at the surface of lower column gets separated by the trays to allow crude Oxygen at the bottom and approx. 90% pure Nitrogen at the top. Crude Oxygen, also termed as rich liquid, then gets expanded through the expansion valve from lower column to the mid of upper column and finally to the top. Due to the variation in boiling points, pure nitrogen boils over and then gets accumulated at the top side of upper column and Oxygen settles down at the bottom.
  • Both Oxygen & Nitrogen are removed with the use of separate paths in Heat Exchanger, in order to cool down incoming air. Liquid pump compresses the Oxygen to a prescribed settled pressure, and then it is directly filled in cylinders. However, the pressure of Nitrogen is approximately 0.5kg/cm2, and same is compressed into cylinders by using an independent high pressure compressor.
  • Normally, the available Nitrogen is of only 98.5% purity and thus released into the atmosphere as a waste product. To achieve required purity of Nitrogen, when it is filled into the cylinders for commercial uses, the plant is controlled by making changes in the valve setting in order to make the mixed Air chamber operate accordingly.
  • Note: On special request, we can tap high purity Nitrogen of upto 2 PPM simultaneously with the help of a separate liquid Nitrogen pump in modified plants. (At Additional Cost)

Process Description:

  • Step 1: Atmospheric Air is compressed
  • Step 2: Purifying the Air
  • Step 3: Cooling of Air
  • Step 4: Liquid Air is Separated into Oxygen & Nitrogen
  • Step 5: Compression / Withdrawal & Filling of Nitrogen and Oxygen by employing latest liquid oxygen pump technology in order to fill the cylinders with bone dry high purity oxygen.

Highlighting Features of NKCS Oxygen Gas Plant:

  • NCKS plant is known for its unmatched power efficiency. It only consumes 1 unit of electricity for every cubic meter of Oxygen generated. When Nitrogen is also produced at the same time, power consumption per unit Cu.m of gas produced decreases substantially.
  • Rapid start for faster cooling, thus leading to quick production.
  • There is an oversize Molecular Sieve Dryer which is used for purifying high amount of air, thereby imparting increased production.
  • No input material needed, since the raw material is free i.e. atmospheric air.
  • Very simple and convenient to operate.
  • Trouble free operational life lasting for years.
  • Special Bypass Valve (R-4) is installed in the column for fast production as well as optimum cooling.
  • Our Oxygen Gas Plant ensures easy access for maintenance.
  • The Plant takes only 5 hours to start working after defrosting stage, and the cycle of defrosting happens once in 9 to 12 months.
  • High end design features as well as quality approved inputs of materials & components enable in achieving higher production rate.
  • Our Plant of & beyond 100 m3 to 600 m3 capacity also comes with extra/ optional features for simultaneous production of Gaseous Nitrogen at around 99.9% purity.
  • NKCS Plant is offered with a Liquid Oxygen Pump which is highly reliable, simple, user friendly and trouble free unit. It is useful for filling bone dry gas in cylinders at a required pressure. As per the liquid level in Condenser, the Pump functions efficiently and handles the quantity available without changing the speed. This, well further help in increasing the life of your cylinders.

We are also supplying hassle free and super-efficient Expansion Engine with our well engineered plants. This helps in reducing the start-up time duration as well as in maintaining requisite low temperature when the plant is in operation further assuring optimum production & saving power. Also, there is reduced wear & tear as our Plants are of medium pressure.

Uses of Oxygen Gas:

  • Oxygen is used for numerous commercial purpose, after liquefaction & distillation of atmospheric air at air separation plants.
  • Oxygen, chemically known as O2, is odorless and colorless gas. It is necessary for majority of life forms on the planet Earth. Human body absorbs oxygen through the air it breathes in. Moreover, medical oxygen is vital for hospitals and in clinical care for resuscitation/ surgery/ various therapies or other clinical procedures. It can be mixed with nitrogen or helium to produce underwater diving mixtures.
  • Primary industrial application of Oxygen gas is combustion. By mixing oxygen in air you can use it for materials that normally do not burn in air, it exceedingly enhances the combustion efficiency in iron, steel, glass, non-ferrous as well as concrete industries. It is also combined with fuel gases to carry out jobs like welding, cutting, brazing & glass blowing, ensuring much higher flame temperatures, therefore resulting in excellent efficiency. Through plasma, oxyfuel and laser processes, a jet of gaseous oxygen taken into use for cutting steel. Besides, Oxygen gas is widely used in thermal lancing to cut through or drill different materials such as brick, concrete, stone and varied metals.
  • Owing to its ability to ensure stabilization of arc and reducing surface tension, it is used as an ingredient for certain shielding gas mixtures. The chemical industry is dependent on pure oxygen to enhance efficiency of oxidation reactions, and many other applications. High purity oxygen gas finds usage in laboratories, metal analysis instruments, gas-cooled nuclear reactors, process-control operations, semiconductor & optical fibre production as well.
  • When it comes to water treatment, Oxygen is a very effective way for purification of waste water and treatment of sewage water. Remaining applications include oxygenation of water for aquaculture, sealing glass ampoules in pharmaceutical industry, modified atmosphere packing mixtures and liquid unstable.

Technical Specifications

Sr No. Plant Model Get Quantity
Oxygen / Nitrogen
Gas Purity Product Pressure No. of Cylinders per day (7cu.m.)
1 NKCS 40 40 cu.m./Hr. 99.60% 150/220 Kgs/cm2 138 cylinders
2 NKCS 80 80 cu.m./Hr. 99.60% 150/220 Kgs/cm2 275 cylinders
3 NKCS 100 100 cu.m./Hr. 99.60% 150/220 Kgs/cm2 345 cylinders
4 NKCS 125 125 cu.m./Hr. 99.60% 150/220 Kgs/cm2 430 cylinders
5 NKCS 150 150 cu.m./Hr. 99.60% 150/220 Kgs/cm2 515 cylinders
6 NKCS 170 170 cu.m./Hr. 99.60% 150/220 Kgs/cm2 585 cylinders
7 NKCS 200 200 cu.m./Hr. 99.60% 150/220 Kgs/cm2 685 cylinders
8 NKCS 250 250 cu.m./Hr. 99.60% 150/220 Kgs/cm2 858 cylinders
9 NKCS 300 300 cu.m./Hr. 99.60% 150/220 Kgs/cm2 1028 cylinders
10 NKCS 400 400 cu.m./Hr. 99.60% 150/220 Kgs/cm2 1371 cylinders
11 NKCS 500 500 cu.m./Hr. 99.60% 150/220 Kgs/cm2 1715 cylinders
12 NKCS 600 600 cu.m./Hr. 99.60% 150/220 Kgs/cm2 2057 cylinders
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